Everything that you need to know about Bagtender

What is the Bagtender? Bagtender is a product that has been designed and Patented to allow the dispensing of grass, leaves and yard waste into a recyclable paper bag easily and hassle-free. Yard waste removal and disposal no longer has to be a daunting and messy task! Bagtender has been developed to fit all yard waste bags, so you can be certain that it will work for you!

How do I use Bagtender? Follow the simple instructions to place the Bagtender into an empty yard waste bag. The bag will remain upright while you fill it with your grass, leaves and yard waste. When the bag is full, just simply lift the Bagtender out!

Why use Bagtender? It will allow you to effortlessly dump grass clippings, leaves, and any other debris into a recycling bag. Bagtender will stop the yard waste bag from being blown by the wind while you are cleaning your yard. You no longer have to struggle with torn or collapsed paper bags!



No Assembly Required

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